Friday, July 13, 2012

New Updates: Waypoint Free, Waypoint Pro, Compass 360 Pro

New updates have been release for Waypoint Free, Waypoint Pro, and Compass 360 Pro.

Waypoint Free 5.0.6 and Waypoint Pro 5.0.5 both received a new units setting dialog to allow the units for altitude to be selected independently of the units selected for speed and distance.  This allows the user to choose how altitude should be displayed.

Additionally, the custom map views have been changed to be locked in portrait mode.  This was done to maintain a constant view while working with map and not worrying about changing the orientation of the device.

There were a few other changes under the covers that should also improve the performance such as passing information between activities by using the Android Parcelable interface.

Compass 360 Pro received a fix to correct a problem with the landscape layout not properly displaying Latitude and Longitude once the location was acquired.

These updates are all available from Google Play now.

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