Saturday, October 23, 2010

Waypoint Free 2.0 Published

Waypoint 2.0 has been published to the market and includes the following new features:

  • Compass Reading
  • Heading (Current heading based on GPS)
  • Bearing (Bearing to destination based on GPS
  • Ability to search Google Maps for the selected Waypoint
Now you can get directions back to your waypoint via Google Maps, if they are available, as well street view images. A bit a refactoring and code cleanup has also been done.  The following screenshot shows the new features on the main screen:

Waypoint Help

The following screenshot tour gives an overview on how to use and navigate Waypoint Free and Pro menu options.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Waypoint Free 1.2 Published - Bug Stomp

Version 1.2 is a quick follow up to the last release to resolve reported force close issues.  This release resolves the following issues:
  • Force Close when selecting a perferred unit of measure.  The options default to mph, however if an option was not selected it resulted in an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • Force Close attemping to convert an invalid coordinate.  If a coordinate specified in the Seconds Format contains seconds greater than 59 the convert method will throw an IllegalArgumentException
 A new application image has also be added to match the UI improvements from version 1.1, see below.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Waypoint Free 1.1 Published

The first update to Waypoint has been published to the market, grab it when you get a chance.  This update resolves a Force Close issue that occurred if a waypoint was not selected from the list and "OK" was selected.  An option to select the desired units is now available in the menu under the Settings button.  Available options include mph, km/h and knots.  Persistence also has been added to maintain the selected waypoint and units across sessions.  The user interface has also been enhanced with a background image and larger font, see the new screenshots below.  If you haven't already updated check the market and grab the download.

Hope you enjoy the new version.

The Droid Dev

Monday, September 13, 2010

WayPoint Free Update Inprogress

An update to Waypoint Free will be released shortly.  I have resolved an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException that causes the application to Force Close when selecting a Waypoint.  This exception would be thrown if an item from the list was not selected and "OK" was clicked.  Thanks to those who reported the error.

The following features have also been added to this version:
  • Configurable Units: mph, km/h, and knots
  • Distances now use units based on selection: mph - ft/mi, km/h - m/km, knots - ft/nmi
  • Selected Waypoint and Units are now persisted
  • Confirm deletion of selected waypoint
    • Only the first match will be deleted, version 1.0 would delete all instances that matched
  • Updated Go To Waypoint and Delete Waypoint icons
Waypoint Free Version 1.1 will be released once testing is complete, stay tuned. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Waypoint Pro Coming Soon

After checking out Waypoint Free I am sure you would like the ability to save an unlimited number of waypoints, that's where Waypoint Pro comes in.  Waypoint Pro will allow you to save an unlimited number of waypoints without having to delete anything you all ready have saved.

Waypoint Free has been posted to the Android Market

Waypoint Free has been posted to the Android Market.  If you have an Android phone download and check it out.  The free version will allow you to save up to three different locations.  Each waypoint saved can be given a unique name that describes the waypoint.  This application can be used to mark your house, work, or where you park your car.  When a waypoint is selected it will show how far it is from your current location.  A paid/ad supported version is coming that will allow an unlimited number of waypoints to be saved.  Waypoint can also be used as a speedometer to display has fast you are going.  Below are the screenshots.

Waypoint Free uses two additional programs you can download from the market, GPS Status and Radar to help you find your way back to the selected waypoint.  GPS Status provides a compass and Radar provides a radar view to the selected location.

Waypoint Pro will be uploaded shortly.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Waypoint Coming soon to the Android Market

I have been developing my first Android application and hopefully I will have it posted to the Android Market very soon.  The application utilizes GPS to display information about your current location and lets you save locations as waypoints which can be navigated back to at a later time.  Screenshots to follow shortly.