Monday, September 13, 2010

WayPoint Free Update Inprogress

An update to Waypoint Free will be released shortly.  I have resolved an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException that causes the application to Force Close when selecting a Waypoint.  This exception would be thrown if an item from the list was not selected and "OK" was clicked.  Thanks to those who reported the error.

The following features have also been added to this version:
  • Configurable Units: mph, km/h, and knots
  • Distances now use units based on selection: mph - ft/mi, km/h - m/km, knots - ft/nmi
  • Selected Waypoint and Units are now persisted
  • Confirm deletion of selected waypoint
    • Only the first match will be deleted, version 1.0 would delete all instances that matched
  • Updated Go To Waypoint and Delete Waypoint icons
Waypoint Free Version 1.1 will be released once testing is complete, stay tuned. 

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