Monday, August 8, 2011

Waypoint 5.0.0 Released

The following features have been added to the 5.0.0 release:
   Displays your current location
   Displays Total route/track distance
   Displays Distance to next waypoint
   Displays Distance from your current location to the selected waypoint
   Routes and Tracks will automatically map all route points and
   track points that belong to the selected category when the
   Plot Waypoints menu option is used.
   Set waypoint map now shows your current location and distance from the set waypoint
   You can now enter coordinates in degrees, minutes, or seconds format
   when you select the Set Waypoint menu option.
   Waypoint now supports importing GPX data.
   Import waypoints, routes, and tracks.
   Upload your GPX file to the Waypoint directory on the SD Card
   and select the Import Waypoints menu option.
   Waypoint's data file can now be backed up via E-mail or you can
   choose to upload it to your Google Docs account if you have the Google
   Docs app installed.
   When you export waypoint data you will now be prompted to send the exported data
   via E-mail or it will give you the option to upload the data to your Google Docs account
   if you have the Google Docs app installed.
   Waypoints can now be given unique markers.  There are nine different markers to
   choose from.  Existing waypoint can be edited to change the marker that is used
   when the waypoints are plotted on the map.
   Categories now support Waypoints, Routes, and Tracks.  This option must be set when
   the category is created.  When importing data from a GPX file the category type is
   automatically detected and set.
   The compass add-on has been change to Compass 360.  Compass 360 has
   been developed by me as an add-on to Waypoint.  This is a fully functional compass that
   can run as its own app.  When the compass menu is selected you will be prompted to download
   Compass 360 Free, if you don't already have it, which is ad supported.  If you would like,
   you can download Compass 360 Pro which does not include the ads.
   Waypoint has been optimized to handle large amounts of data to accommodate the potentially
   large amount of data that can be imported from GPX files.