Monday, February 28, 2011

Waypoint 4.3.1 Released

Waypoint 4.3.1 has been released.  This update resolves the following issues:

Drop down combo boxes not populating
There was an issue with the drop down combo boxes (spinners) used in the Rename Category and Move Waypoint dialogs not being populated on some devices.  This issue has been resolved.


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  2. I was searching youtube for a preview video but didn't find one. Particularly, I was looking for information on the degree of google maps integration this app might provide.

  3. @M

    Thanks for your interest in Waypoint Pro. Waypoint Pro integrates into Google Maps by allowing you to map a Waypoint in Google Maps. You can also plot waypoints in a map view that utilizes the google map titles and can also provide satellite imagery. Waypoint Pro also supports setting a waypoint by using a map view. A free version is available if you would like to give the application a test run Waypoint Free

  4. I was wondering if you plan to incorporate the ability to enter a known Long and Lat to be able to create a waypoint. I just purchased you pro version


  5. @ Curt

    Waypoint Pro currently supports entering a known Latitude and Longitude. You can also set a waypoint by click a spot on the map. This can be done by using the following menu option:

    Menu -> Set Waypoint.

    Once the form loads you can enter the known Latitude and Longitude or click the "Use Map" button to select coordinates from the the map. In the Map mode, move the map to the location you want to select, then click the "Enable" toggle button in the top right corner. Then click on the map to get the coordinates. Once you have the coordinates you want, click the phone's back button to return to the Set Waypoint form and the form will have the coordinates selected from the map.

  6. Thank you for the explaination, that is what I was looking for. Any way to use the satellite view when finding a point on the map to set a waypoint? It would be nice to have more detail.


  7. @ Curt

    I am going to add a button to toggle the satellite view in a future release. However, there is an unsupprted way to enable this feature today. If you would like to know how, email me directly at

  8. Hi!
    I bought the Pro version and the software does not export to gpx and klm on my LG Optmus One.
    I can see the coordinates on the device, but the export is wrong.

  9. @ Hands,

    I would prefer you email directly with any issues you are experiencing before posting comments to the market. I am more than willing to work thru problems discovered with all users of my applications. You can email me directly at Please email and let know what exactly you think is wrong with the generated GPX file.


    The Droid Dev

  10. @ Hands

    I just ran additional tests and verified both KML and GPX export features are working properly. I verified the exported KML data with Google Earth and the GPX data with GPS Visualizer ( Waypoint’s GPX data has also been validated by Xerces XML parser to validate the GPX format.

    Please make sure you have the latest version of Waypoint (4.5.0).

    Please also take the time to update your comments and feedback in the market.

  11. i need instuctions on how to use the app...I am really frustrated!,,,Please help!....jeff

    1. Hi Jeffery,

      It is probably best if you email me directly with your specific question at