Friday, February 25, 2011

Waypoint 4.3.0 Released

Waypoint 4.3.0 has been released.  This update adds the following features:

Choose Text Color
This simple improvement can give your app a whole new feel and lets you make the app your own.  Six new colors with twelve color combinations have been added.

This version resolves the following issues:

Issues with dialogs and rotation

Most of the work for this release was to resolve an issue with dialogs causing a LeakedWindow exception in the Android run time.  This is essentially a memory leak caused by not dismissing any open dialogs when the device is rotated.  There was also an issue with the Rename Category and Move Waypoint dialogs that would cause the application to force close if a selection drop down box was open while the device rotated.  And lastly, dialogs were not persisted if the device was rotated.  All of these issues have been resolved.

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